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 “Art with Liz” aims to provide your child with the opportunity to explore and express themselves through Art, Yoga or Fitness.

Classes can be offered indoors or outdoors depending on the weather. 

Through art and movement you can reduce anxiety, improve focus, build self esteem, and creativity!  

 No experience is needed! services are open to the general public of all ages and abilities!

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Classes Offered 

Art Classes are 45 minutes to 1 hour and can include:




(supplies are provided by the instructors)

Yoga Classes: 45 minutes

stretching/ breathing exercises

building flexibility 

Fitness Classes: Exercise/Boxing

45 minutes single session

90 minute double session 

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Fees and Payment

Email or call to book classes

Art classes

$95.00 45 minutes to 1 hour 

$190.00 2 hours 

$145.00 1.5 hours 

Yoga classes

$95.00 45 minutes

Fitness classes:

$95.00 45 minutes 

$190.00 1.5 hours 

Self Direct Families Welcome !


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Working in the special needs field for over 10 years, Elizabeth Sullivan is a talented art\yoga teacher providing private at home or outdoor classes here in NYC. Born and raised in a tough section of Harlem New York City, Liz understood the value of perseverance and at an early age pushed herself to study art, yoga and psychology. Elizabeth would eventually work at several special needs schools, dealing with an array of responsibilities from teacher assistant to Art instructor. Over time Elizabeth felt that there was a lot of unethical activity going on and she didn't feel as though she was making the change that her heart called her to create. Elizabeth would eventually leave the school system behind and along with her husband, Brian launched there own venture " Art With Liz". For the past 8 years now Liz and her husband Brian have been working closely with children and young adults who have special needs. There goal is to provide a stress free environment where students can utilize art, yoga, and fitness to help foster creativity, build confidence and stay healthy! 
You can follow us on Instagram @artwithliz_nyc 


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About Coach Brian

Brian Sullivan is a certified corrective exercise specialist focusing on enriching the lives of our clients through personal training and sports activities. He is also certified through “Autism Fitness” and holds a youth fitness certification as well! Growing up in New York City, Brian competed from an early age in numerous sports including basketball, boxing, baseball, swimming and soccer. Soon, Brian discovered that he had a strong passion for boxing. Training in the legendary John's Gym in the South Bronx, Brian dedicated his time to learning the sweet science, honing his skills and eventually sharing the ring with many talented amateurs as well as professional fighters. While training for the Golden Gloves tournament in 2010, Brian tore the labrums in his shoulders and suffered recurrent shoulder dislocations. With physical activities on hold, Brian underwent shoulder surgery. The doctor told him the damage was worse than expected and recommended that he never throw a football let alone box again. Initally devastated by this news, Brian stopped boxing. It was during this time that Brian began working as a mentor and tutor for his neighbor's young son, who was on the autism spectrum. Realizing the various hardships the boy had to overcome every day, he was inspired to help him succeed at all costs. This determination overflowed into Brian's own life where he vowed to one day return to boxing. Possessed by new vigor, Brian continued to work in the Autism Spectrum field. As a Travel Trainer at the Rebecca School, he helped students of all ages navigate through the city using various transportation modes. In addition, he supervised students at job internships and in diverse community settings such as Magnolia Bakery, Best Buddies, the Urban Farm at Battery Park and Farm for City Kids in Vermont.  Brian observed the various physical difficulties that many of his students possessed such as decreased core strength, muscular imbalences, and poor posture.  Brian started to incorporate corrective exercises and phsyical training into his student workouts. Combining his passion for physical fitness with the urge to help the special needs population, Brian decided to focus on  training students with special needs, which led him to working independently as a Special Needs Fitness Coach. For over 5 years Brian has now worked with numerous special needs athletes throughout the city, encouraging people of all ages to live a healthy lifestyle! Motivated by the immense resolve his athletes possessed, Brian also began training again and discovered unique ways to rehabilitate his shoulders. Brian is now overjoyed to be back in the boxing gym regularly sparring with active fighters.  Brian also enjoys meditating, hiking, training animals and exploring nature in the great outdoors.  He lives on the Upper East Side with his wife Liz, bus service dog Sushi , there large rabbit Bunzy, and his pet parrot, Geronimo!

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“My son Jonathan has been receiving art class with Liz since August 2020. This class was much more than I expected.  In addition to inspiring and encouraging Jonathan’s creativity through art, she incorporates different exercises/ strategies to increase Independence, focus, and motor skills. She is professional, pleasant, and patient and my son instantly connected with her. I whole-heartedly recommend her art class and am grateful to have found this wonderful resource”

 -Christine Polanco

COVID 19 Protocol

-All supplies will be santized before and after use. 

- masks are optional if you are vaccinated 

-All classes are one to one, If group classes- social distancing is required

-Classes can be indoor, Outdoors or virtual

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